Sternsteiger Frying Pans set to revolutionise cooking, following 6 months in the making

Sternsteiger Frying Pans set to revolutionise cooking, following 6 months in the making

The journey towards an excellent pan

STERNSTEIGER MoVe Series frying pan will be launching on Kickstarter this Sunday.

Featuring newly patented technology, the MoVe Series is the result of several months of commitment to creating one of the world’s finest frying pans.

The Pan Series seeks to address the need for superior coatings and Ergonomic & Design capabilities in the industry.

Key details:

Space Saving
Easy removeable handle to save space and multiuse. The MoVe Series pan features a detachable, ergonomic heat resistant handle for easy storage.

Innovative technology
The brand-new TIGER -PTFE coatings utilise Squeezed Cast Technology. The base of the pan features a thicker wall and resistant special coatings, 6-7,3 mm thick theme floor been added for a perfect heat induction.
Premium 5-fold sealant special layers have been added to create ultimate non-stick properties. In addition to being PFOA free, the pan’s recycled aluminium body is perfect for consistent heat distribution and is heat resistant up to 250°C.
130 degrees curved pan walls direct heat back into Pan. This improvement keeps the heat molecules trapped into the surface and less energy is therefore utilized during cooking, so food cooks more quickly and evenly.

Suitable for all heat sources
The MoVe series pan is suitable for induction, gas, electric, oven and even BBQ and camping fires.

About Sternsteiger.
Based in the world-famous city of cutlery and blades, Solingen (Germany), Sternsteiger is a manufacturing & retail consumer goods company that was founded with only one goal in mind: to deliver high quality hand-made products from the city of Solingen.
Their renowned product lines combine state of the art technology, timeless design and professional craftsmanship in a way that has not been witnessed in Solingen for quite some time.
This dedication to tradition and quality has earned Sternsteiger several awards and their designs continue to shape the household industry.
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