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The STERNSTEIGER TEAM is pleased to announce our 2022 summer sale until August 15th. With every qualifying order you will get a discount of 40% on your order at checkout. This discount applies to our complete catalog of products. Enjoy the summer, your STERNSTEIGER TEAM

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Sternsteiger is proud to announce the launch of the new MoVe Pan Series on Kickstarter. Within under 6 hours the campaign crossed its initial goal of 4.000 €. The series launches with two variants, a flat pan with a height of 4,5 cm (1.8 in) and a high pan with a height of 6,5 cm (2.6 in). Both pans will be available in both 24 cm (9.5 in) and 28cm (11 in) diameters. As a stretch goal we are also adding a Wok to the lineup. The Wok has a height of 10 cm (4 in) and a diameter of...

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Dear valued customers, we hope that you are all well and healthy during this daring time. Since most of us have to stay at home we should treat us with good self cooked meals with fresh ingrediants to boost our health. But in order to do that you also need the right tools, so wie have some of hour high quality knifes discounted 20% until April 16h. Check out our offers section for more details. Stay at home, stay safe and healthy,Your Sternsteiger Stahlwaren Team

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