Collection: Achilles Series

The award-winning Achilles chef's knife has been in development for three years and is different from anything you have ever seen. It was born from the everlasting demand for a sharp and reliable knife that stays firmly in your grip no matter how long or how hard you cut and dice. Achilles has a unique ergonomic handle with a central opening for thumb or index finger. The result is a revolutionary kitchen aid, forged from premium steel and highlighted by its firm grip for every activity. Even if your hands or the knife itself are wet, the Achilles never slips.

As a partner of Sternsteiger Germany and UBUTT Designs, the Achilles marks the culmination of a long search for the ideal kitchen knife. In fact, the creators of the knife are so busy with perfection that the design is still being further optimised. Not to mention the numerous sketches and ideas drawn during the development, which were thrown around with the aim of making a chef's knife that won't slip out of your hand. Once the design was finalized, prototypes were created in the test phase using the latest 3D printing technology.

Between the recent awards and the distinctive design, it is safe to say that Achilles delivers on its promise of maximum efficiency and firm hold. There are reports that the knife has some discernible weight, but that will certainly not intimidate a master chef we know.