Sternsteiger 3pcs damascus knife set japanese damascus steel VG-10 - SPITZEN-STERN GOLD SERIES

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Damascus knives are made of a special damascus steel with a particularly hard middle layer. The blade made of high-alloy, ice-hardened carbon steel offers optimum sharpness. A knife consists of a total of 67 layers and is thus optimally protected against breakage and corrosion. These forged knives not only look unique, but their blade is also razor sharp.

Product information

Quite dashing! With this damask all-purpose knife box, you have the perfect tool in your kitchen. The light and handy kitchen tool offers you long-lasting sharpness and perfect balance. The art of Damascus forging has been known for more than 2500 years, trust this tradition, it's worth it!

All features at a glance:

Tasteless and odourless.

Length: approx. 34 cm. 67-layer Damascus steel.

All-purpose knife 3-piece set Box.

Knife sizes:

Chef's knife: Total length: 33.5cm, Blade length: 20cm ,Weight: 144 gm

small knife: total length: 23cm, blade length: 12cm ,weight: 49 gm

Bread knife: Total length:33,5cm, Blade length: 20cm ,Weight: 137gm


Total weight 3 pcs damask set box = 1370 gm