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Complete set of 3

Complete set of 3

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Complete set of 3 includes:

  • 1x Germanicum Arminius chef's knife
  • 1x Germanicum Arminius bread knife
  • 1x Germanicum Arminius paring knife

The exclusive set of 3 from the Germanicum Arminius series, designed by UBUTT DESIGN GERMANY and manufactured in the renowned workshops of Germany, represents the ultimate combination of traditional Damascus steel forging and the latest production technology. Each knife in this set is designed to revolutionize your kitchen work by offering precision, control and lasting sharpness.

Comprehensive set for every kitchen task

This set includes a chef's knife, a bread knife and a paring knife, all specially designed to give you the best possible support in the kitchen:

  • Germanicum Arminius chef's knife : Ideal for slicing and dicing meat and vegetables, with an improved blade for greater flexibility and durability.
  • Germanicum Arminius bread knife : Perfect for all types of bread, with a specially serrated blade that allows clean cuts without crushing.
  • Germanicum Arminius paring knife : Indispensable for precise paring and fine cutting work, with a curved edge ideal for rocking cuts.

Improved design for superior handling

Each knife features a redesigned finger guard and pommel tip that reduces the distance between the handle and blade for improved control and precision. The blade is designed to be straighter and flatter, providing additional flexibility while maintaining stability and durability. An increased blade width in the middle supports effective cuts and makes handling easier.

Exclusive materials and craftsmanship

Made from 440 layers of Damascus steel, the knives in this set offer superior rigidity and durability. The handles made of pure walnut wood, refined with caps made of real Damascus steel, not only offer an improved look, but also increased durability. Each knife is 100% hand-forged and testifies to the high-quality craftsmanship for which German knife makers are known.

Special care for long-lasting perfection

Each knife features an ultra-sharp, hand-sharpened double blade with a 16° angle, which, together with the blade hardness of 57-59HRC, achieved by treatment with liquid nitrogen, ensures lasting sharpness and robustness. The nano coating also increases the reliability and durability of each knife. Special care, including regular oiling of the blade, is required to maintain quality and performance.

The complete set of 3 Germanicum Arminius knife series is more than just a collection of kitchen knives; it is an investment in quality, design and functionality. Suitable for professional chefs as well as passionate home cooks, this set offers an unparalleled cutting experience that makes every kitchen activity a pleasure. Discover how this carefully selected set of knives can take your cooking to the next level.

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