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Damascus Santoku knife (8"/20cm) + Damascus paring knife (4"/10cm) | Sternsteiger - Hiroto Collection

Damascus Santoku knife (8"/20cm) + Damascus paring knife (4"/10cm) | Sternsteiger - Hiroto Collection

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This exquisite set, consisting of an 8"/20cm Santoku knife and a 4"/10cm paring knife, represents the pinnacle of cutting technology and craftsmanship. Made from Damascus steel and handcrafted in Solingen, this set not only offers exceptional sharpness but also impressive aesthetics.

High-quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing

The knives in the Hiroto collection are made of Damascus steel, which is known for its long-lasting sharpness and robustness. The Japanese VG10 stainless steel core is surrounded by several layers of softer and harder steel, which create a unique grain. This combination ensures optimal hardness and flexibility of the blades.

Ergonomic design for maximum control

The ergonomically designed handle design of both knives ensures optimal handling. The handle is shaped to feel comfortable and secure in the hand, which increases control when cutting and minimizes hand fatigue. This is especially important during longer cooking sessions or when processing hard ingredients.

The Santoku knife: an all-rounder in the kitchen

The Santoku knife is ideal for slicing, dicing and chopping due to its versatility and wide blade. It is perfectly balanced to promote efficient cuts and glides effortlessly through meat, fish, vegetables and more.

The paring knife: precision for smaller tasks

The paring knife is specially designed for finer tasks such as peeling fruit and vegetables and for precisely cutting smaller ingredients. Its small, agile blade enables precise cuts and offers exceptional maneuverability.

Handcrafted quality from Solingen

Each knife is handmade in the world-famous knife city of Solingen. This origin guarantees unsurpassed quality and workmanship, with each knife subject to strict quality controls. The combination of traditional forging techniques and modern technology makes these knives true masterpieces.

Care instructions for long-lasting perfection

It is recommended to wash the knives by hand and dry them carefully immediately after cleaning to maintain the sharpness and finish of the blades. The high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship require careful care to maintain performance and appearance for years to come.

The set of Santoku and paring knives from the Sternsteiger Hiroto collection is a valuable addition to any kitchen, ideal for passionate cooks who value precision, quality and design. With these knives, every meal preparation becomes a culinary experience that impresses in both function and form.

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