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Damascus paring knife (4"/10cm) | Sternsteiger - Hiroto Collection

Damascus paring knife (4"/10cm) | Sternsteiger - Hiroto Collection

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Experience the elegance and precision of Japanese blacksmithing with the Sternsteiger Damascus paring knife from the Hiroto collection. This handcrafted knife combines traditional techniques with the latest material technology to create an incomparable cutting tool.

High-quality materials for exceptional cutting performance

The paring knife is made of Japanese VG10 stainless steel, one of the best steels in knife making. The blade is made of several layers of Damascus steel, which not only provide an impressive pattern, but also an extraordinarily sharp and durable cutting edge. These layers provide optimal hardness and flexibility, allowing the knife to retain its sharpness even with regular use.

Unique Damascus pattern

Each knife in the Hiroto collection is characterized by its unique Damascus pattern, which is created by folding and forging the layers of steel. This pattern is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also symbolizes the artistic craftsmanship and the centuries-old tradition of Japanese knife smiths.

Precise and comfortable peeling

With a 4-inch (10 cm) blade length, this paring knife is specifically designed for precise peeling and slicing of fruits and vegetables. The sharp point and curved blade allow for effortless peeling and making complex cuts required in fine cuisine.

Handcrafted for highest quality

Each paring knife in the Hiroto collection is a handcrafted work of art. Made in the renowned workshops of Solingen, Germany, each knife undergoes strict quality controls to ensure it meets the highest standards. This artisanal manufacturing process guarantees that each knife is unique and specifically designed to meet the needs of the most demanding chefs.

Care instructions for long-lasting sharpness

To preserve the quality and sharpness of your Damascus paring knife, it is recommended that you wash the knife by hand and dry it carefully. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship require careful care to maintain the performance and appearance of the knife for years to come.

The Sternsteiger Damascus paring knife from the Hiroto collection is the ideal tool for anyone who values ​​precision, beauty and traditional craftsmanship. Whether for professional chefs or passionate hobby cooks, this knife offers unparalleled performance and is a valuable addition to any kitchen equipment. Experience the joy of peeling and cutting with a tool that impresses in every respect.

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