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Nagasaki Solingen | Nakiri knife

Nagasaki Solingen | Nakiri knife

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Black ringed handle

Discover the Nagasaki Solingen Nakiri knife with a blade length of 7 inches (18 cm) and a special hollow grind, specially designed to meet the needs of the modern kitchen. Nakiri knives, known as traditional Japanese vegetable knives, are ideal for precise cutting of vegetables and fruit. The unique hollow-ground blade enables an exceptionally smooth cut and prevents slices from sticking to the knife, making cutting faster and easier.

This high-quality knife from Nagasaki Solingen combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship with German precision to provide an unparalleled cutting experience. Whether you want to cut fine julienne strips, cubes or slices, this Nakiri knife makes preparing fresh ingredients efficient and enjoyable. A must-have for anyone who wants to take their cooking to the next level.

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