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Complete set of 4

Complete set of 4

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By purchasing the Achilles set of 4 you will receive:

  • A Achilles chef's knife
  • A Achilles bread knife
  • An Achilles paring knife
  • A wooden knife stand

The Achilles collection, developed in cooperation with Sternsteiger Germany and UBUTT Designs, is a prime example of excellent kitchen tools that impress with both outstanding quality and innovative design. This comprehensive set of four includes everything you need for professional kitchen work and perfectly combines functionality with stylish aesthetics.

Achilles chef's knife: The all-rounder in your kitchen

The Achilles chef's knife is the perfect everyday companion for every cutting task. It features a unique ergonomic handle design that guarantees a safe and firm grip even with wet hands. Ideal for slicing, dicing and chopping a variety of ingredients, this knife is the centerpiece of the collection and an indispensable addition to any kitchen.

Achilles bread knife: precise cuts without effort

The Achilles Bread Knife is specifically designed for slicing bread, offering a blade that allows for clean cuts without crushing the bread. This ability makes it the perfect tool for various types of bread, from crusty baguette to soft brioche.

Achilles paring knife: Indispensable for fine work

The Achilles paring knife is specially designed for precise cutting and careful peeling of fruit and vegetables. It is an essential tool for fine kitchen work that impresses with its precision and ease of use. With this knife, preparing ingredients becomes an easy and pleasant task.

Wooden knife stand: functional and aesthetic

The wooden knife stand included in the set is not only practical, but also an aesthetic eye-catcher in every kitchen. It keeps your knives safe and within easy reach, while at the same time allowing a stylish presentation of your high-quality Achilles knives.

Innovative development and state-of-the-art technology

This carefully assembled set meets the highest standards and is the result of intensive development work, supported by advanced 3D printing technology. Each knife is carefully crafted to offer the highest functionality while being a masterpiece of design.

Perfect addition to any kitchen

With the Achilles 4-piece knife set, you are not only acquiring practical kitchen utensils, but also an extension of your kitchen design. This set is the ideal choice for anyone who values ​​quality, efficiency and elegance in their kitchen. Make Achilles a part of your kitchen equipment and turn cooking into an art.

Experience the perfection of the Achilles collection in your kitchen – a synonym for innovation, design and outstanding performance.

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