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Sternsteiger | Damascus knife set of 7

Sternsteiger | Damascus knife set of 7

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S TERNSTEIGER 7-piece Damascus knife set Japanese Damascus steel VG-10

Product features:

. Blades made of forged special blade steel VG-10

. Extra high cutting ability and lasting sharpness

. Handle scales made of high-quality olive wood.

. Particularly handy and light.

The knife size:

Chef's knife: total length: 33.5cm, blade length: 20cm, weight: 144 gm

Small knife: total length: 23 cm, blade length: 12 cm, weight: 49 gm

Bread knife: total length: 33.5 cm, blade length: 20 cm, weight: 137gm

Santoku knife: total length: 31 cm, blade length: 19cm, weight: 178gm

Santoku small knife: total length: 20 cm, blade length: 5 cm, weight: 64 gm

Wooden cutting board: Cutting board with organic wood.

1x meat fork, forged monosteel

1x magnetic knife holder wood

Total weight of 7-piece damask set box = 4680 gm

Knife features:

Handle wood: olive wood

Handle material: Precious wood light brown olive wood

Blade material: Damascus steel with VG10 steel core

Blade color: Damascus pattern

Steel layers: 66

Hardness: 61±2HRC

The STERNSTEIGER Damascus knives

Series is one of the sharpest knife series in the world. Enjoy the joy of the perfect cut. Perfectly balanced, with ergonomic handles made of precious wood.

Damascus knives are made of a special Damascus steel with a particularly hard middle layer. The blade made of high-alloy ice-hardened carbon steel offers optimal sharpness. A knife consists of a total of 67 layers and is therefore optimally protected against breakage and corrosion. These knives, forged from 67 steel, not only look unique, but the blade is razor-sharp.

Product Information

Pretty sharp! With this Damascus all-purpose knife box, you have the perfect tool in your kitchen. The light and handy kitchen tool offers you long-lasting sharpness and perfect balance. The art of Damascus forging has been known for more than 2500 years, trust this tradition, it's worth it!

All features at a glance:

Taste and odor neutral.

Length: approx. 34 cm. 67-layer Damascus steel.

All-purpose knife 7 pc. set box.

Care instructions

Before using our knives for the first time, you should rinse them with hot water. After each use of the knives, you should ensure that the knives are rinsed immediately after use without using aggressive detergents and dried with a soft cloth. For your own protection, you should always wipe the knife from the back of the blade with a dishcloth or towel. Aggressive substances such as lemon juice should be rinsed immediately after use.

Never put the knives in the dishwasher. This not only damages the material, but also the sharpness of the blade. Never use glass or granite plates as a cutting surface.

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