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Chef's knife (8"/20cm) + paring knife (3.5"/10cm) | Sternsteiger - Titanium Collection

Chef's knife (8"/20cm) + paring knife (3.5"/10cm) | Sternsteiger - Titanium Collection

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This exclusive set, consisting of an 8"/20cm chef's knife and a 3.5"/10cm paring knife, represents the pinnacle of kitchen tools in the Sternsteiger Titanium collection. Both knives are made from a revolutionary combination of titanium and stainless steel that offers unprecedented sharpness and durability while being surprisingly lightweight.

High-quality materials for unsurpassed quality

The knives in this set use an innovative alloy of titanium and stainless steel, making them extremely sharp, corrosion-resistant and robust. The 8"/20cm chef's knife is ideal for demanding cutting tasks, from thick cuts of meat to finely chopped vegetables, while the 3.5"/10cm paring knife is perfect for smaller, more precise tasks such as peeling and slicing fruit and vegetables.

Ultra sharp blade and precise cuts

Thanks to the ultra-sharp titanium steel blade, these knives enable precise cuts with minimal effort. The unique metal mix not only ensures long-lasting sharpness, but also makes the knives ideal for quick daily cooking. The chef's knife with its wide blade and the paring knife with its agile shape are specially designed to maximize your cutting efficiency.

Lightweight construction for ergonomic comfort

Although robust and powerful, these knives are surprisingly lightweight, making them easy to handle and reducing hand fatigue, even with prolonged use. The ergonomically designed handles provide a secure and comfortable grip, giving you optimal control and stability with every cut.

Versatility in application

This set covers a wide range of kitchen needs. The chef's knife is the centerpiece of the kitchen for a variety of cutting tasks, while the paring knife is specifically designed for peeling and detailing. Together they form the perfect duo to support and enhance your cooking skills.

Design and durability

The attractive design of the knives fits seamlessly into any modern or traditional kitchen decor. The combination of shiny titanium and matte stainless steel gives the knives an elegant look that is not only functional but also a visual highlight in your kitchen.

The chef's knife set from the Sternsteiger Titanium collection is a valuable addition to any kitchen that values ​​quality, efficiency and style. With their advanced material technology, excellent craftsmanship and elegant design, these knives offer outstanding performance that simplifies and enhances every cooking process.

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